Too Busy Staying Dizzy (and Tumbling on the Freeway)

Hello World!  How've you guys been?

It's been almost a year since I've last updated, despite resolving to keep a schedule on doing so.  And in the span  of the year that I've been away, I've gone on two major motorcycle trips to Washington State and to Joshua Tree, finished a handful of portraits, got a new motorcycle, got into a motorcycle accident and going through recovery from said accident.  Been keeping busy and now I'm so dizzy.  I thought it was about time I come back to catch up with everyone.

Just because I'm off getting dizzy with everything, doesn't mean that you guys need to go through the same thing.  So down below I've added some of the highlights of the past year with portraits and motorcycles.  They're mostly videos

Teal Monster Portraits

I've finally created a playlist of all the portraits I've done in pastel.  Follow the link and enjoy!  

Teal Monster Portraits in Pastel

I'll also be updating the Portraits section with all the portraits from the past year.

Teal Monster Motovlogs

As I've mentioned earlier, I've had a lot of adventures in the past year spent on my motorcycle. And I've curated the most important ones to me below.

Let's start with introducing my new motorcycle, Diana.  She's a 2017 Ducati Scrambler Icon.

Then, you might be curious about the accident I mentioned early on.  Don't fret, because I had the opportunity (?) to catch it all on video.  Brace yourself.  I've gotten feedback from people that know me personally, who told me it's hard for them to watch.

And if you want more motorcycle-related content, I've created a playlist with all those videos.

Teal Monster Motovlogs

Still Keeping Busy Staying Dizzy

Even with all that's been going on with the past year, I'd say I've been generally well.  Currently in recovery mode after the accident, otherwise keeping busy with the portraits and still having adventures.  I'm hoping to get back on the bike soon.

Thank you for taking the time to check out what the Teal Monster has been up to.  I'm glad to be back and hopefully will not be away again from this blog for too long.  Until next time, keep busy staying dizzy!